Monday, March 9, 2009

Please "PRAY" for KYLER!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please keep by baby Kyler in your prayers. He started Thursday with a high fever and that was gone by Friday and then he got boughts of the runs starting on Friday and then
saturday a little more and then fine again. So we went and celebrated Brent Tinker's 30th birthday and he ate really good that night. Just knew he was 100% better. Well that night he was up and down with his stomach cramping and hurting him and blood was in it very clearly during those times so we got an appt at doctor office Sunday morning. We had to take a sample and they had to prick his finger, to which he didn't like at all, but she is suppose to call us by Tuesday to let us know what type of bacteria infection it is. All day yesterday he felt good and played but this morning his stomach is hurting him again really bad. I just don't like seeing him like this at all and when I see blood it scares me too! Please just pray that they will call and tell me there is some medicine I can start giving him and he will get better fast. Thanks for all your prayers. GOD is good ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!

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