Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paisley's NEW words!!!!

Just a quick update. I was at my mom's yesterday and I seen Paisley, of course doing something that she shouldn't be doing, digging through my purse. It was all over the desk!!!! When I got to her she had some change in her hand and I told her to just drop it down in there because I was in a hurry and she likes to take her precious time (like her dad, ha), and anyways she was looking at the money and said this is a quarter (drop) and this is a "nuckle" (drop) and I said, hunny that is a "Nickel" and she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and said uh huh it is a "nuckle", I know and nodded her head up and down...... like she knows. My mom even got tickled!!!! I just let it go and chuckled inside. It was sweet and to here my mom kinda giggle was even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I sometimes wonder where my kids get there language.......Gosh I hope it is not me!!!!!! To anyone who knows my dad he has a word for every part of the body that some would never think of calling it by that name. As I was a kid if I hurt my private part my dad's name for it was the BOX! Now why you ask, I clearly have no idea. I am pretty sure my kids have heard him call it that, especially when changing a dirty diaper. Anyways to my point, this past Tuesday my kids where outside running on the porch, and of course as usual I heard crying and it was Paisley. Kyler of course ran in the house and she wasn't far behind him and when I turned to look at her and she was holding herself as if she had to pee. Kyler hurried and blurted out, "Paisley hurt herself, I said "WHERE" and he said so sweet in her FOX!!!!!" I, of course, just looked at him and said, What? He repeated it again and then Paisley said my FOX hurts real bad. I could help but laugh. It was so funny to me because I have never heard it called that! I asked her of course what happen and crossing over into a riding toy one of her feet slipped and she straddled it pretty hard. Well I just said Papaw doesn't call it that and we can say bottom, but as Kyler looked at me and said, Mom I know what it is called and it is a Fox! I just said lets keep that to ourselves but to me that was to funny not to share.

Hope your day is filled with laughter and mine is most of the time!!!!!!!

Women's Retreat!!!!!!

Well I just wanted to say thanks to Ider Baptist for the wonderful weekend I had. I was so blessed by Lisa's words and I have learned so much more about myself! For those of you who was there and for the one's who wasn't; my mom had another TIA, and yes I was totally upset. I felt so guilty for not being at home with her, but when everyone there took the time out to pray for her and my family I felt at home.

To all the ladies: I am so thankful to have been blessed by each of your prayers and my mother was blessed also.

To all my friends: I am thankful to each of you for your love and to care as much as you did and was there for me during my snot slinging melt down over my mom!!!!! HA!

Also on a great note my mom came home Sunday and I am greatful! That was the fastest recovery time that I can remember that she has had to only stay one night in the hospital and I truly believe GOD heard all the prayers of the women at the retreat.

I truly had a great time just laughing at all that happened over the weekend especially our sense of directions. I had a blast listening to Jenny and her humor! What fun!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who put this together,


Monday, March 9, 2009

Please "PRAY" for KYLER!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please keep by baby Kyler in your prayers. He started Thursday with a high fever and that was gone by Friday and then he got boughts of the runs starting on Friday and then
saturday a little more and then fine again. So we went and celebrated Brent Tinker's 30th birthday and he ate really good that night. Just knew he was 100% better. Well that night he was up and down with his stomach cramping and hurting him and blood was in it very clearly during those times so we got an appt at doctor office Sunday morning. We had to take a sample and they had to prick his finger, to which he didn't like at all, but she is suppose to call us by Tuesday to let us know what type of bacteria infection it is. All day yesterday he felt good and played but this morning his stomach is hurting him again really bad. I just don't like seeing him like this at all and when I see blood it scares me too! Please just pray that they will call and tell me there is some medicine I can start giving him and he will get better fast. Thanks for all your prayers. GOD is good ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!