Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paisley's NEW words!!!!

Just a quick update. I was at my mom's yesterday and I seen Paisley, of course doing something that she shouldn't be doing, digging through my purse. It was all over the desk!!!! When I got to her she had some change in her hand and I told her to just drop it down in there because I was in a hurry and she likes to take her precious time (like her dad, ha), and anyways she was looking at the money and said this is a quarter (drop) and this is a "nuckle" (drop) and I said, hunny that is a "Nickel" and she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and said uh huh it is a "nuckle", I know and nodded her head up and down...... like she knows. My mom even got tickled!!!! I just let it go and chuckled inside. It was sweet and to here my mom kinda giggle was even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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