Monday, June 29, 2009

Adorable Kids.....

I have taken out a little time this week and listened to my kids and what they say and how funny they can be. It has been so much fun doing that!I get so caught up in doing, doing, doing, that I forget to stop and enjoy the simple stuff. Cambree said Thank'd U so sweet when I gave her some milk and then she has been saying I "W"ove U. Awesome! Paisley, stands in a bar stool and looks and me with her hand stretched way over her head saying, "see mommy I'm bigger than you", like the chair didn't give her a good 6 or more inches head start. Then she would look at me and say stuff like, "I take care of her everday mommy, cause I am big". If you could just see her little eyes blinking as she is saying this so seriously. So funny to me and warms my heart. Kyler on the other hand is just being so sweet like helping me clean his room and watching over the girls. Such a big boy and growing up. I am so amazed at how time has flown by and my kids are growing up and I feel like I can't remember everything and don't have time to write down all there great moments so I just wanted to share a little bit of what I got this week.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alabama Adventure Fun Day

Well to brief everyone in I am a Joybelle Counselor at my church. I have the ages 10 to 14/15! Suppose to be 9-12 years old but I can't get rid of some of my girls. I guess they love me to much. Yeah right! Anyways I always take them on 1 big trip or outing for a day and I try to let it be a big one when I can! They love it. This year I am moving a lot of my girls up and so we decided to go to Alabama Adventure before pushing them Reda's way. What a day...... hardly no sleep the night before and then what felt like 100 degrees we was in was not the best in the world. Anyways I was truly blessed to see some of the faces of my girls that I took because 3 or 4 had never been to an amusement park at all and I take them to their first and then to a water park too. They had some of the biggest smiles. I even would act crazier than they did, which is not hard for me! I made them skip to, "We are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz", to which I had a girl even look at me and said there is no yellow brick road. You've got to be kidding me I said. She looked at me real funny but we all had fun. I really took good care of my girls with the sunblock and got myself pretty good but you see I had a shirt on and I could not handle the heat so I took it off to just wear my bathing suit top (please do not try to get a mental picture of what that looked like,ha) and forgot my back. I am so burnt on my back that I hate getting in the shower even 2 days later. It just stings! We all got red even where we put sunblock just couldn't keep enough sunblock on to protect us. As far as I am concerned 9 girls and 2 counselors were all dead tired by the time we got home but I loved every minute seeing some of the girls faces on roller coasters, tube rides, scramblers and other fun rides. I love parks and to see them love it too is so much fun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kyler Preschool Graduation

To long I know. I get a little behind. Just wanted to show off my little man that graduated preschool on May 15, 2009. I was so proud of him. Everything has went by so fast this year. When he started school last year, I was excited for him but scared to! I guess that is part of parenting. He had a good year but I can tell you one thing, he did not like getting up early and doing work. HA! He wants to work with his papaw everyday. Anyways, I was told once before that when your kids start school everything seems to start flying by and it did to me. I am really proud of him for all his accomplishments that he made this year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vacation 2009 Panama City Beach, Florida

Well I know it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I have got to get with it. I just wanted to put a few pictures of our beach trip. We had a great time but the only bad thing that happened to us was Dwight deciding to jam his toes into the beach sand wall. To me, of course, was hilarious. I just couldn't help watch my husband fall and then I realized he was really hurt. He was a limper the rest of the trip. His little toes had swelled up on him and he hurt so bad and I know that I must be an awful wife because I would double over laughing every time I thought about what he did. His foot still hurts him some but is a lot better. Also you know when you go to the beach you can't wait to run from the cooler weather here to bake in the hot sun......well not so much for us. The high on Monday was 64 degrees and believe me we felt it with our shorts and tanks on. Tuesday a little better but like 72 with windy conditions which felt just as cold. Putt Putting was a little chilly that night but Cambree seemed to love "throwing" the ball across the greens. It was quite a trip with 3 kids against 2 parents. I loved it, just spending time with my kids without all the hassle of everything that is at home. Well here are some pictures of our trip and I will post and show off my little man with his preschool graduation tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last night Paisley wanted me to take a bath with her and so of course I did. She loves to wash my feet and back and fix my hair with water! Well after I got in she was just talking away and looked at me funny and just kept talking. Then she turned facing me and sat on top of my legs and looked right at me with her sweet little face and so cute like said, "Mommy your BIG", I said what and of course she repeated it. I thought well how embarrassing. If that wasn't enough as I stood up she went to the cabinet and got me a towel and looked at me again standing there and said, "Mommy, your Big" again and walked right out as if she hadn't said a word. Of course the last time she said it, I chalked it up to I am tall. I at least hope that is what she meant. Well you know what today is, "starting a diet day"! I might make it "1" day! Sure hope I loose my 10 pounds I've been holding onto!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scooby Doo

Well I will just let you know how a 5 year old mind works. At least my 5 year olds mind!!!! He went with Mema and Uncle Randy to watch Nicholas play a ballgame Thursday night. Randy's dad also rode with him and he and Kyler sat in the back. On there way home Kyler wanted to spend the night with them and since I wasn't at home they decided to run by our house and get him some school clothes. As they came home they came in the back way to our house by passing through by Stickland's Building Supply. To fill you in on the funny part, Jerome's has a grandson named Jaron and Randy and everyone calls him Dooby. As they was coming through there Randy said there is where ole Scooby Doo "Dooby" works. Of course, Kyler asked, Why does he work there? Of course Randy answer the logical question by saying to make extra spending money for himself. Angela already knew what Kyler was thinking and started laughing. Kyler then looked over at Jerome and said, does Shaggy work there too? Angela started laughing even harder because Randy and Jerome just didn't get it and Randy ask who is Shaggy? Kyler said you know he wears a green shirt and he is the one that is always scared with Scooby Doo. At this time Randy and Jerome started laughing and they had to explain about nicknames and how Jaron got his. I thought it was too cute not to share the mind of my 5 year old! I would of loved to of seen his face, trying to figure out if Scooby Doo and Shaggy was actually that close to our home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paisley's NEW words!!!!

Just a quick update. I was at my mom's yesterday and I seen Paisley, of course doing something that she shouldn't be doing, digging through my purse. It was all over the desk!!!! When I got to her she had some change in her hand and I told her to just drop it down in there because I was in a hurry and she likes to take her precious time (like her dad, ha), and anyways she was looking at the money and said this is a quarter (drop) and this is a "nuckle" (drop) and I said, hunny that is a "Nickel" and she looked up at me with her pretty eyes and said uh huh it is a "nuckle", I know and nodded her head up and down...... like she knows. My mom even got tickled!!!! I just let it go and chuckled inside. It was sweet and to here my mom kinda giggle was even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!