Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last night Paisley wanted me to take a bath with her and so of course I did. She loves to wash my feet and back and fix my hair with water! Well after I got in she was just talking away and looked at me funny and just kept talking. Then she turned facing me and sat on top of my legs and looked right at me with her sweet little face and so cute like said, "Mommy your BIG", I said what and of course she repeated it. I thought well how embarrassing. If that wasn't enough as I stood up she went to the cabinet and got me a towel and looked at me again standing there and said, "Mommy, your Big" again and walked right out as if she hadn't said a word. Of course the last time she said it, I chalked it up to I am tall. I at least hope that is what she meant. Well you know what today is, "starting a diet day"! I might make it "1" day! Sure hope I loose my 10 pounds I've been holding onto!

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  1. We don't need a mirror when we have children. They seem to tell it like it is.