Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dwight's EYE Surgery Part II

You are suppose to go back to get your eye's checked in 10 days after the contact bandages are removed, so here goes Dwight and I to chattanooga yesterday. I am a little nervous thinking, " I hope we haven't spent this kind of money and his eyesight is bad", but everything was great! The doctor did all the routine test and his eyesight is 20/20 but in one eye occassinally he was seeing 20/15! I was so relieved and excited for him. No more contacts and he can SEE!!!!!! They said he would continue to improved for the next 3-6 months. By that time I hope he can see even better. His eyes does get blurry when they get really tired and dry, but doc said that was normal and that would get better over time. I am just very excited for him because he has been wanting this done for a "LONG" time.

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