Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, some don't know, but most do! Dwight and I spent Tuesday afternoon at TC Thompson emergency room with Cambree. Well, first of all this week has been wild! Dwight had eye surgery Saturday and finally was getting better by then and we was suppose to be going to the funeral home that afternoon and was in the process of getting the kids a bath. We was letting Cambree and Paisley take a bath and I had just walked out of the room when there was screaming going on. I feel really bad now because the first thought I had was, "OH, there fighting again", so Dwight got there first and started hollaring at me (which he never does) so I knew it was serious. I started running and when I turned the corner there was blood going every where which scared me to death. I finally got a close look and it was her tongue. So we called the nurse (which was not that concerned) because most cuts on tongue are not that bad! She told us to go to the emergency room if we was concerned and when you can see what appeared to be muscle looking veins in the cut I knew that was not normal. Well I am glad we went! We got there and of course the nurses and docs all said that 95% of cuts to the tongue heals fast and nothing has to be done. WRONG!!! The doctor finally got a good look at her tongue and said "OOH" she will have to be put to sleep through IV and let us get that put back together. I was like told ya so....... Anyways the IV was the worst part. She screamed and I cried! I know silly but I already felt so bad, "feeling this was all my fault"! Everyone kept saying how strong she was because it took us all to hold some part of her body still. I held her legs and Dwight held her right arm. See I wanted her to look at him and think your the one letting them do this to me and when they got done I picked her up saying, "I am so sorry baby"! Yep figured he would be the bad guy in this for a moment. HA! Anyways they put 5 stitches in to keep it closed together and he said that the bottom of her tongue had a place that was bitten through. GOSH! I felt even worse thinking she could of chopped her tongue completely off. Well we left the hospital and they gave us some tylenol with codeine in it for pain and trust me I gave it to her! Of course, we tried to make up for the bad we felt and took her to MC Donalds for an ice cream cone and she ate most of it. Well by the next morning she felt a lot better than the night before and everyday has been improvement to which now you can't tell anything happened to her unless she sticks her tongue out at you and then you see the proof!!!!! If this was me I would probably still be crying!

Posted some pics of the evening!

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